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in this blog, we are going to looking into Password Managers we will be discussing what they are and how they can help you avoid  using the same password on everything you use from social media to emails


“A password manager is a program that houses all your passwords, as well as other information, in one convenient location with one master password. The benefits of using a password manager are:

  • A password manager will do the work of creating the complicated passwords you need to help protect your online accounts.
  • You need to remember only the password manager’s password. That single password will give you access to all of your others.
  • Many password managers offer the extra layer of protection of two-factor authentication. As a result, each time you attempt to log in to your password manager, a unique, one-time verification code is sent to your mobile phone. To complete the log-in process, you must enter the verification code, in addition to your username and password. “


today we are going to be looking into 5 password managers that we have tried and would recommend


  1. NordPass is built from the same cybersecurity experts that made NordVPN it’s free to use but restricted to 1 computer or phone depending on how you want to use it

screenshot of Nord pass

as you can see it saves all your current passwords and logins which makes logging it so much simpler

nordpass password generator showing weak password

as you can see it will tell you the strength of your password you can make it as long or as short as you want but in this next picture you will see how to make it harder

option menu for various lengths of passwords

22 letters and symbol password

when the password is in green it means it will be harder for hackers to “guess” your password


along with the password manager as you can see it has other built-in options eg it will save your bank cards credit cards so on

it is a fantastic password manager for home users

there is a free version but you are restricted to 1 device only but you can sync it to all your favourite web explorers so you don’t have to keep using the program


there are 3 methods of subscription monthly 1 year 3 year which will give you access to 6 devices

if you want to jump straight into the paid version here is a link to save 50% your actual subscription the link is


up next is an another highly rated and recommend password manager that is also free and paid subscription

2. Myki is another fantastic password manager just like Nordpass but the biggest difference we have seen is they store all your passwords offline whereas the others are all online saved which makes Myki completely different they have a free online tool called Was I Hacked? link here 

it is really lightweight at 92.5mb file size but it offers more in the free version than nordpass as you can see in the following screenshots

myki setup

as you can see you can instantly pair it to your iPhone or Android phone via QR scanner or if you’re just using a laptop/computer then you can quickly sign up using one of the options below the paring code

as you can see from the main menu it looks just like any other password manager but the only unique feature I found really amazing is the 2FA option which once set up means you won’t need to grab your phone everything you need the code

another great feature and can be quite frustrating is when you try to add a new password you have to confirm it is you!

the only downfall is it doesn’t generate passwords, unlike nordvpn, does  thankfully there is a section on their site that will assist you with generating a strong password link can be found here

adding 2FA is a very simple task



another great feature I personally found really interesting is the ability to see how many devices you have synced up to Myki

if you are looking for complete password management for your business then please contact us and we can set up a demo for you as we are partners with Myki


3. up next is LastPass link can be found here

a true softwareless password manager that is just a simple sign up install the plugin to your favourite browser and away you go it can be installed on IOS/Android/Windows phone

which unfortunately the previous two don’t support windows phone

for built-in security reasons on the computer I could not screen capture due to there built-in security feature like bank apps etc that block screenshots which is a great feature stand alone on the free version, it is great as like nordpass it can generate a secure password and on their site you can go on there security challenge  which can be found here

the pricing is very good for premium service the only thing that puts me off it personally is the fact you have to pay for MFA (multi-factor authentication) whereas you can get it free from Myki on there free version

3. we are going to look into 1pass

after the initial signup you can see all the devices it can be used on

for this blog, we are going to install it on to our windows 10 pc

before anything make sure you download the recovery kit as we found out it comes in great use for logging in the pdf is just a code and login details as you can see

once fully logged in this is your password manager

our first thoughts on this were it has its pros for example

it tells you which sites you have passwords on that have been comprised, which ones are vulnerable to attack as you can see in the screenshot it does send you emails when you log on which is a great feature but overall its very basic

the cons we have found is for the price per month we would like to see more features eg password generator if you can’t make up strong passwords yourself then that would be a handy feature

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