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As a business, it’s important for all employees to have an email signature. This not only empowers your brand but also helps to increase communication, making it clear who each staff member is and what role they play. At Midira Solutions in Manchester we specialise in Letsignit which provides email signatures. These work with Gmail and Office365 and also use cloud syncs to instantly apply signatures if you are on the move.

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Communication is Key

In an increasingly more digital world, it is important that your methods of communication work well. Email signatures are still a key tool to be used by communications and marketing professionals and Letsignit makes this process much easier.

According to statistics, around 121 emails are sent and 40 received each day by an employee. On average 100% of these messages are opened which compared to marketing campaigns (23%) is a huge difference. This means that email signatures are key and provide an opportunity for a business to share engaging messages.

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