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As the most widely used and trusted e-signature technology available, DocuSign offers a perfect solution for many SMEs. It will work with most apps and devices and is also safe and secure, meaning you and your clients can trust it. Working in the digital world is a crucial element to many businesses as technology has developed. Transforming your business to match this industry is necessary as it enables you to send out a variety of documents quickly such as account openings, sales contracts, invoices and agreements.

At Midira Solutions this is one of the key IT solutions that we offer to businesses. As well as making your process much easier, it will also reduce time and improve convenience for clients and staff.

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What is DocuSign?

DocuSign was created in 2003 with an aim to increase and improve business whilst simplifying the process. The creators worked hard to develop an e-signature technology that would allow companies and organisations to improve communication and automate how they prepare, sign, act on and manage any agreements they have.

Currently there are 500,000+ people around the world paying to use the software and millions more users accessing it. These include 7 of the Top 10 global tech firms, 18 of the Top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, as well as 10 of Top 15 global financial services businesses and 800 local, state and federal agencies. It is also FedRAMP authorised.

The platform has more than 350 prebuilt integrations, meaning it can work with a range of popular apps for businesses. The API also allows connecting and embedding onto a client’s website, app as well as custom workflows.

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How It Helps You

The largest benefits are that the software allows your clients to provide an eSignature wherever they are. Using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, you are able to have access to e-Signature which can be used on almost every device around the world at any time of day.

As well as increasing time spans, using this helps to reduce expenses and the changes for errors unlike paper documentation.

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